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LIVING In Your Season

  • Entering a new season. Navigating Life in My 50's

    Jennifer, founder of 1 Season At A Time, is about to turn 51 and reflects on the transition to being 50+. She and her husband recently relocated, marking significant changes akin to those experienced when they first became parents. Despite feeling unprepared for this new phase of life, Jennifer remains optimistic about the future.

    1 Season At A Time was born out of Jennifer's desire to contribute financially while her husband transitions from military to civilian life. However, the challenges of building a business and re-entering the workforce after years of homemaking have been daunting. Yet, she finds inspiration in Serena Williams' words about women supporting each other's success.

    To mark her upcoming birthday, Jennifer plans to create a list of 28 things Women Over 50 CAN Do, inviting others to join her in embracing this new chapter. She encourages women in similar life stages to sign up for seasonal tips and tools as they navigate this journey together.