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About 1 Season At A Time

I love seasons. I follow them by the calendar. So this means first day of fall, I pull out all my fall colors, fall cloths, fall decor, fall recipes, fall get the idea. Basically, no matter how much you like pumpkin pie or spice or whatever, you won't get it until the first day of fall. You will see me hanging on to summer even though school has started, because summer lasts until September 23rd. I will be looking to buy summer cloths as long as we still have summer heat. Now that brings up the point of being able to buy in stores summer cloths. When do the kids flip-flops break? In August of course, when every store in town has replaced them with boots. So that brings me to the why of this store. I want you to be able to buy your flip-flops, sandals and all things summer as long as it's summer. I want you to enjoy every moment of the season you are in. As I have learned, season does not always mean Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. You have heard, "there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..." What you do in that time is just as important. Sometimes they are seasons that we enjoy. Sometimes not. Good or bad, end in sight or not, we have a job to do. How are we growing? Do we need to learn? Are we savoring the moments? Building memories, developing relationships? Using our talents? Using that season for that purpose. I want to encourage you in your season. So, when it ends, all seasons do, we are better for it. That is my reason for this season.