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Entering a new season. Navigating Life in My 50's

Hello! I'm Jennifer with 1 Season At A Time. As I approach my 51st birthday on the 28th of April, it has finally hit my realization the I am 50. After the 28th, not only will I be 50 but now I am 50+. 

Our last move brought us to a new state. Us meaning our home, business and my husband and I, no kids. We are in the biggest changes in our lives since we got married and had our first child.  Out of the wholeness of my life, I feel the least prepared for this season. 

1 Season At A Time came from a desire to use my talents to create a business that would add additional income to our home while my husbands career in the military ended and the transition to a civilian job began. We are far from being fully retired and have good years ahead of us.

Building a business, entering the workforce after 27 years of homemaking and temporary jobs has proven to be quite the challenge this first year of 50. I feel like I have had more can'ts than cans. So, I do believe that, as Serena Williams said, "Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on."

With my birthday just 6 days away, I thought that I would put together a list of 28 things that Women Over 50 CAN Do.  Join in on these new season of life. Are you in your 50s? Are you a new Empty Nester? Make sure that you are signed up for our seasonal tips and tools. I will email you this free list and we can work through it together. 

Let me know that you are on board this new adventure below and want this amazing list.

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