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How Do You Do An Adventure?

Adventure has been on my mind the last few months because of our Grandbaby boy due in August. Our daughter and son in law have chosen an adventure theme for their son. So, for the baby shower I found adventure decorations, created adventure invitations, and table signs, and created an adventure feel to the party. We sure are having fun getting ready for his arrival.

At the baby shower I was talking to my littlest cousin and asked him if he liked adventure. He said yes so I asked him what his last adventure was. He said, "I ate pineapple in Hawaii". Well, yes, that is a fun adventure. And pineapple sure would taste better in Hawaii fresh than what we buy in the grocery store in Idaho.

Later I was preparing a new recipe that I found in a magazine for dinner. Why is it that every time I choose a recipe out of a magazine there is always something strange on the ingredients list? Well, let me introduce you to a Kohlrabi. I thought, food can be a fun adventure at any age.

I had never seen this before and the recipe did not have a picture. When I went  to the grocery store I though I would "Google" it if I could not find it. I went to the produce section that I though it would be in this is the first thing I looked at. Sure enough it was what I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised to find it so fast. Adding some more fun to this adventure, the cashier exclaimed "Kohlrabi" when she passed them through the check out. Turns out that her brother grew them in his garden.

Yes, it has a thick rubbery peel and was a little hard to get off with my peeler. It sliced easily and tasted more like water chestnut to me mixed in the salad. Sliced up and tossed with the other vegetables it looked very nice.

This food adventured turned out to taste fabulous when all the ingredients tossed together for a nice cool dinner on a hot summer night. Your adventure may be something that is even more adventurous. I was glad to know that maybe mine would not be too different since is wasn't so mysterious since the cashier knew about it.

I remember a fun summer activity I did with the kids over summer break. We "traveled" around the world with a fun activity that had us cooking different recipes from around the world as we learned fun games, and read, along the way. It made for some fun summer memories.

Another way to create a fun food adventure is to go to the local farmers market and let the kids choose a new fruit and vegetable to try. Our kids always had fun choosing one and then they could choose a backed good from another vender.

I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about my food adventure. 

As always, we encourage you to live, learn, and grow in the season you are in. You can share your adventure below if you would like to and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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