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Faith Over Fear

LIVING in our season sure has been a wild ride. We are looking forward to hearing from you as to what "LIVING In Your Season" means to you.

We have a few items with this statement. You can find many others also. This is a question to answer as we LIVE in our season. Our design is a line with a hook and fear squashed. Why?

This family photo is us after we left all we knew to move to a small town where we new no one. It is our final move before my husbands military retirement. A definite leap of faith. It has not been easy. Did fear go away when we made the faith choice? No, it is always trying to creep in. When we remind ourselves of the why we chose faith we can pull back the fear. Daily, and even step by step. 

So, what has come of our choice? 1 Season At a Time was born. We started this company as a way to make the transition out of the military and into our new way of living. We are in the pre - empty nest stage of life also so this is a new daily choice as we guide our last two adult children into their new stage of life. And my husband and I are dreaming of this next season of no more military, empty nest and finding ourselves in these new seasons. 

Faith Over Fear will never stop being a decision that we need to make in our season, repeatedly. Yet I am finding that there is immense freedom in making it no matter how many times a day we have to.   

P.S. - This choice we made began an movement that we never expected. Our family that we moved from has also moved away from what we called home. Our example of how we LIVE in our season will empower others to LIVE. 

Any thoughts? Feel free to leave them below.

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