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Empowered Women Empower Others.

Who or What Empowers You? When I think of "Empowered" I think about what drives me. What is it that gets me moving each day? Believe me, some days, it takes serious will power to get out of bed. On these days, it is even more important for me to remember Who Empowers me. I realize that not everyone believes as I do but for me, the One who empowers me is the Holy Spirit. See if I'm not jumping out of bed in the morning to get on with the day, it's because I am dreading something or depressed because my expectations are not met. Especially when the results I am expecting are little to none. That is when I feel the Holy Spirit draws me to Him. He is where I start my day and I am grateful. So, when I wear my Empowered necklace, I remember Who is guiding my day. 

So, who or what Empowers you? Feel free to share below.

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